Universal Quartz Press2Fit™ Union For Capillary GC

$ 5.00

Get the highest quality press fit quick connectors at factory direct prices!

InnovaQuartz (IQ) invented and patented the laser-forming process that produces constant angle tapered bores in press fit type GC connectors. (We made the first quartz Y splitters, too, selling our Linear taper™ products wholesale for 20+ years)
At IQ, we recognize that those who stand still are rapidly left behind, so we constantly innovate -- it's part of our name.

We recently upgraded our laser-forming equipment to reduce tolerances by more than 2-fold, in all dimensions. The results? 
Press2Fit™ now has the lowest bore angles ever and lower angles produce wider seals so our new products are more tolerant of less than perfect column cuts (the most common cause of leaks) and can seal even with damaged coating, chipped ends and even some cracks. As a bonus, the center restriction is 56% larger for ZERO restriction for a 0.25mm and smaller column (competing products restrict flow in 0.18mm column connections, or smaller). 

We have also added insertion chamfers that make threading a column into the union a breeze...no more worries that you may have damaged the cut end by missing insertion.

Access the product designer (doctorsilica) to ask a question or make a suggestion for further improvement.

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