Quartz Press2Fit™ GC Column Storage Caps - Color Coded Clear/Blue

$ 8.00

Best practices in GC require sealing you column against atmospheric contaminants when it’s not in use. The bonded stationary phase in a GC column is easily oxidized, particularly in the presence of UV light. Be sure to cap the ends of the column to seal in inert carrier gas and stop air getting in. Also, chunks of old septa carry myriad contaminants of their own and leave particles of rubber behind when removed. Flame sealing burns stationary phases (and polyimide) and the combustion products migrate into the column. Plastic caps carry plasticizer and mold release that contaminates the column. The only method of sealing columns that causes no contamination what-so-ever is the glass column cap.

IQ’s Quartz Press2Fit™ GC Column Storage Caps are made with the same stringent dimensional tolerances of our unions and Y splitters so they form an air-tight seal on any standard column with a mere push. The caps are color coded so when it comes time to reinstall the column, you are sure to get the orientation correct (ink is for inlet).


Additional tip: Store the column in a box in a dark cupboard to minimize the amount of light energy reaching the column.
This is important to stop the column degenerating on storage.


P/N: 3-2002GC (single set of GC storage caps) -- $8.00 / pair

P/N: 3-2002GC-5 (5 sets of GC storage caps) -- $7.20 / pair

P/N: 3-2002GC-10 (10 sets of GC storage caps) -- $6.80 / pair

P/N: 3-2002GC-25 (25 sets of GC storage caps) -- $6.00 / pair

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