Press2Fit™ Luer to GC Column Adapter

$ 12.50

Sometimes you just need a quick way to make a gas, vacuum or liquid connection to GC column capillary (traditionally defined as material with an OD from 0.32mm to 0.74mm), e.g. if you wish to coat your own capillary columns. IQ’s Luer to GC Column Adapter permits press-fit quick connections off-line. Simply push in a cleanly cut column and a swage connection is made in the quartz union. Screw or swage the Luer-lok onto a buffer filled syringe or Luer-equipped gas line, apply a bit of pressure and flow begins.

The adapters are reusable if reasonable care is taken by the user to insure the column end is fairly cleanly cut with no cracks. They are also available in our low cost, GC column rinse kit; each kit includes two (2) Press2Fit™ Luer to GC column adapters, two polymer tubing adapters, one diamond-honed Sapphire™ brand capillary cutting wafer, 5 sets of Press2Fit™ GC column storage caps, and a 5ml syringe.


P/N: 3-2402GC (single GC adapter) -- $12.50 ea

P/N: 3-2402GC-5 (5 pack of GC adapters) -- $11.25 ea

P/N: 3-2402GC-10 (10 pack of GC adapters) -- $10.63 ea

P/N: 3-2402GC-25 (25 pack of GC adapters) -- $9.38 ea

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