Sapphire™ Honed Edge Scoring Wafer

$ 18.50

When a glassblower uses a triangular file to score a Pyrex® tube for snap cutting or a glazer uses a carbide wheel to scribe a pane of window glass, (s)he generates thousands of tiny glass chips in the process. Similarly, when you drag a ceramic wafer or rotating diamond blade across you capillary column, you generate dozens of glass chips (and you tear away polyimide).

Glass chips may pose no problem for the glassblower and glazer, but glass chips can completely destroy capillary columns and, at best, interfere with forming leak-tight seals in any connector.

IQ's Sapphire™ brand column cutting wafer is diamond honed on one edge to provide a razor-like sharp edge that slides through polyimide without the tearing and delamination caused by standard scoring wafers. In fact, we don’t advocate scoring at all (see “How to Cut Capillary” in IQ University). Bad cuts and chips in column ends are the single most common cause of column leaks. Polyimide gaps and delamination are the second most common cause of leaks.

IQ’s Press2Fit unions and Y-splitters are extremely tolerant of these defects and will seal on column cuts that others would never attempt sealing upon, but even Press2Fit can’t seal on cracked column or embedded chips. When used according to IQ instructions (a technique that is based in the science of fracture mechanics) Sapphire™ wafers can produce square, clean cuts with zero chips – loose or otherwise – and on polyimide damage. (See “Why do GC Column Connections Leak?” in IQ University.)

 Standard Sapphire™ wafers are imprinted with the IQ logo and part number but you may prefer your logo and part number. IQ's proprietary laser marking (brown color only, see flag image) enables us to offer custom logo products.

Sapphire™ Honed Edge Scoring Wafer

P/N: 5-1001S1H (Single Sapphire™ wafer) -- $18.50 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-5 (5 pack of Sapphire™ wafers) -- $17.25 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-10 (10 pack of Sapphire™ wafers) -- $16.00 ea

Custom Sapphire™ Honed Edge Scoring Wafer

P/N: 5-1001S1H-C5 (50 pack of Sapphire™ wafers w/ your logo) -- $25.00 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-C10 (100 pack of Sapphire™ wafers w/ your logo) -- $22.00 ea

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