ProFlex™ Laser Fiber Scoring Wafer

$ 6.00

Standard 1” x 1” X 0.025” square, 98% alumina wafers (Al2O3) are commonly used to score optical fibers for tip reprocessing. ProFlex™ wafers have a handy metric scale imprinted on one edge and are twice as long as common scoring wafers (aka "cleaving stones") for easier scoring. 

ProFlex™ Laser Fiber Scoring Wafers may be sterilized by autoclave, EO, gamma, CO, H2O2 or even blast furnace (printing is stable to 1250°C).

If you would prefer your logo instead of our ProFlex™ trademark, we'll happily oblige (laser embedded carbon nanoparticles, only, i.e. brown).

For instructions on the "Best Practices" of scoring laser surgical fibers learned from years of experience, please visit


ProFlex™ Laser Fiber Scoring Wafers

P/N: 3-8012P (Single ProFlex™ 1" x 2" scoring wafer) -- $6.00 ea

P/N: 3-8012P-5 (5 pack of ProFlex™ 1" x 2" scoring wafers) -- $5.40 ea

P/N: 3-8012P-10 (10 pack of ProFlex™ 1" x 2" scoring wafers) -- $5.10 ea

P/N: 3-8012P-25 (25 pack of ProFlex™ 1" x 2" scoring wafers) -- $4.50 ea

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