Sapphire™ Honed Edge Scoring Wafer

$ 18.50

When reprocessing laser fibers for surgery, standard scoring wafers will do the trick for glass clad fibers like holmium laser fibers (IQ's ProFlex™, AMS' SureFlex™, Boston Scientific’s Flexiva™ and AccuTrac™, Laser Peripherals' bare holmium fiber, etc. because the score line can be limited to the glass cladding thickness, preserving the fiber core; it requires some skill because the glass cladding can be very thin (0.015mm), but it can be done.

If you are reprocessing a "hard polymer clad" fiber like that often uses to make EVLT and general surgery fibers, there is no glass cladding to score so 100% of the score line is damage to the fiber core; the score must be as small as possible to minimize scattering of the laser light by the damaged core.

There are other reasons for producing very small score marks when cutting fibers that apply to all fiber constructions, e.g. the smaller the score mark, the flatter the fiber face that is produced. You are urged to read and follow our instructions for cutting laser fibers even if you are intimately familiar with the task. Our technique is different from techniques proffered by others and produces far superior results because our technique is uniquely based upon the science of fracture mechanics.

IQ's Sapphire wafers are machined and diamond honed to a sharp point (30 degree) on one 25mm edge of the polycrystalline alumina wafer to easily penetrate the fiber coating and barely nick the underlying glass. Sapphire brand wafers are a low cost alternative to diamond fiber cleavers costing hundreds of dollars and providing only 2mm to 3mm of edge.

Standard Sapphire™ wafers are imprinted with the IQ logo and part number but you may prefer your logo and part number. IQ's proprietary laser marking (brown color only, see flag image as an example) enables us to offer custom logo products.

Sapphire™ Medical wafers are available for use in intraoperative reprocessing of fiber tips and are sold sterile (ethylene oxide) in small pouches. These wafers are identical to standard Sapphire wafers but lack the blue rubber handle (for compatibility with validated sterilization processes). 

Sapphire™ Honed Edge Scoring Wafer

P/N: 5-1001S1H (Single Sapphire™ wafer) -- $18.50 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-5 (5 pack of Sapphire™ wafers) -- $17.25 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-10 (10 pack of Sapphire™ wafers) -- $16.00 ea

Sapphire™ Medical Wafer for Intraoperative Use (no rubber handle, sterile in pouch)

P/N: 5-1001SH (Single Sapphire™ Medical wafer) -- $35.00 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-5 (5 individually pouched Sapphire™ Medical wafers) -- $30.00 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-10 (10 individually pouched Sapphire™ Medical wafers) -- $28.00 ea

Custom Sapphire™ Honed Edge Scoring Wafer (laser brown, only)

P/N: 5-1001S1H-C5 (50 pack of Sapphire™ wafers w/ your logo) -- $25.00 ea

P/N: 5-1001S1H-C10 (100 pack of Sapphire™ wafer w/ your logo) -- $22.00 ea

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