Complete Periodic Table -- Pack of 118 Alumina Wafers, Laser Marked

$ 407.10

This is a periodic table that will outlast us all. Dubbed “eternal elements” by the editors of C&E N, these individual, 1" X 1" (0.025" thick) alumina wafers are typically used to score metal and silica capillary. Ours are marked in a proprietary laser-based process that produces a uniform, light to dark brown colored and extremely stable image. The printing is not damaged undamaged by solvents/corrosives and only slightly fades after hours at 1200°C. Tiles may be arranged into any table format and may serve as a teaching tool. Alternative element formats are available, with a bit of lead time, e.g. common oxidation states, electronic structure, and both sides may be printed, if desired.

All of the known elements are available individually under “Eternal Elements” and we offer whimsical, quasi-elements such as "unobtanium" on eBay. Custom printing is also available with no minimum order. For a touch of hubris, why not name an element after yourself?


Part #: 3-8002PT (Complete Pack of Eternal Elements wafers - 118) -- $3.45 ea

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