Quartz Press2Fit™ Angled Y-Splitter - Bare

$ 75.00

Akin to the rationale of angled unions (aka column repair unions), angled Y-splitters are designed for minimal stress on when installed on capillary columns housed within wire column cages. Sample flows are easily split to two column housed on a single cage or split flow mid-column to a second column chemistry. These 50:50 splitters are compatible with column ODs from 0.32mm to 0.74mm (0.10mm to 0.53mm bore).


Output legs are balance for flow within 10% or one another.


P/N: 3-2003A (single angled Y-splitter) -- $75.00 ea

P/N: 3-2003A-3 (3 pack of angled Y-splitters) -- $67.50 ea

P/N: 3-2003A-10 (10 pack of angled Y-splitters) -- $60.00 ea

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