30X Compound Lens Eye Loupe

$ 15.00

When inspecting column ends for making connections, 10X eye loupes just don't magnify enough to make a sound judgment. Frankly, you just can't see most glass cracks @ 10X and glass cracks are the third most common of the three causes of leaks when connecting GC columns. You also can't see tiny chips that lodge in the mouth of the column at 10X.

20X loupes are a far better choice, but even still, cracks and chips will escape notice. That's why IQ offers a 30X loupe. 50X would be better still...when we find an economical 50X loupe, you can be sure we will offer it to you.


P/N: 3-5030A (Single 30X Eye Loupe) -- $15.00 ea



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