The Power of Collimation IV: Going the Extra Mile November 08 2016

This final Chapter in the blog series, "The Power of Collimation", explores the apparent paradox that ProFlex is able to reject potentially damaging, high angle laser energy within the focus while continuing to deliver more laser energy to the stone than any other holmium laser fiber. 


The Power of Collimation III: Moses’ Enthalpy November 07 2016

At InnovaQuartz, we developed a method of making very precise, tiny lenses directly upon the face of an optical fiber. In this third Chapter of The Power of Collimation, I’ll describe just how important this subtle feature really is to the performance of holmium laser URS. In the first Chapter of this blog series, I discussed why holmium lasers launch light into fibers at a substantial fraction of their maximum propagation...

The Power of Collimation II: Bullets, Balls & Skipping Stones November 07 2016

110% power transmission from a 273 micrometer core holmium laser fiber is not fantasy. We see it every day. Learn how.


The Power of Collimation I: “I’m going to focus like a laser beam…” November 07 2016

Bill Clinton and George W Bush both promised to 'focus like a laser' on the economy. I'll leave the politics to others and focus like a lens on the lack of scientific rigor for this turn of phrase. At risk of appearing pedantic, I have to point out that lasers aren’t actually focused at all. In fact, collimation (parallelism) is one of the characteristics of laser light that make it unique...

IQ's Phoenix laser is a Dare-to-Dream Medical Design Challenge Finalist October 18 2016

Dare-to-Dream Medical Design Challenge InnovaQuartz' Phoenix laser in combination with ProFlex LDD is one of six finalists in the MDDI Dare-to-Dream Medical Design Challenge. Follow the link to vote for the best (that'd be the Phoenix laser)!  

Cutting Fused Silica Capillary Columns per LC-GC Application Note September 30 2016

Polymicro Technologies (a division of Molex) was the first company to mass produce fused silica capillary for the entire capillary gas chromatography market. That was thirty years ago and they are still the single largest manufacturer of the materials. (Polyimide coated, fused silica capillary for GC columns was an HP invention, but they reserved their production for themselves, alone.) Polymicro has made more GC capillary than anyone on the planet, by far:...

Instructions: IQ’s Sapphire™ Wafers for Cutting GC Capillary Columns September 30 2016

Cutting capillary and making gas-tight seals is critical to good GC practice and making seals on silica press-fit connectors requires almost perfect cuts (unless you are using Pres2fit™ connectors). Cleanly cut ends are also important for CE for minimizing distortions of the electric field at the column ends.  Capillary: The first thing that the separation scientist needs to understand is that not all silica capillary is the same. There are...

Ho:YAG Fibers: One 'Size' Does Not Fit All September 19 2016

Today I was asked a question by a prospective customer that I wish to share with the marketplace at large; that marketplace being laser surgical intervention for kidney and gall bladder stones by endoscopy.   Q – I have then an additional question, why do you make 2 SMA version adapted to different brand of laser box. When I look at most of urology company offers, they mentioned that their...

Compatibility Memo for ProFlex™ LLF Holmium Fibers September 09 2016

Smooth Passage™ Holmium Fiber Tips on ProFlex™ LLF August 29 2016

In the course of studying other manufacturers' holmium laser fibers we sometimes observe surprising differences. In this case, we knew that our tips were different -- heck, we gave them a special name -- but  just how much difference they made was the surprise.      The two fibers in the photo are "1000 micron", meaning they have either a 910 μm or 940 μm core inside a 1 mm diameter glass cladding. The upper...

IQ honored as Best Precision Fused Silica Component Manufacturer (2016) August 19 2016

  InnovaQuartz pioneered the use of carbon dioxide lasers for manipulating and machining fused quartz and fused silica glasses under computer control and microscopic imaging way back in 1991 when our founder, Stephen Griffin, gambled that his ideas would actually work and built the first laser system in his 80 square foot laundry room. Our first sale was 6 months after the first dollar was spent and we sold more...

The Devitrification Cascade -- Blast Shield Disease & Contagion August 15 2016

Initiation, Progression and Transmission of Holmium Laser Blast Shield Failures My business partner has repeatedly told me not to assume that others know what I know – “Get the information out there, Stephen. Much that you take for granted is new and valuable to others.” It’s hard to know what these nuggets of value are. I am usually enlightened by a customer question, complaint or concern. That is the case for...
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