Introducing the ProView™ 30X SMA Inspection Microscope December 15 2016

InnovaQuartz is pleased to offer a low cost but high performance solution for inspecting SMA (and Trimedyne in January 2017) terminated laser surgical fibers. This battery powered (batteries included) microscope is equipped with a thread-free SMA (or Trimedyne) port that positions the fiber input face within the field of view with acute angle illumination from below. Every detail of the connector face is exposed: scratches, dirt and burns are detected...

How to Cleave Surgical Fibers November 22 2016

How to Cleave Laser Surgical Fibers Purpose:        Provide simple instructions for reprocessing flat tip bare fibers for laser surgery. Summary:    Clean cut and flat optical faces are necessary for surgical efficacy in laser surgery. Badly cut fibers deliver energy to target tissue less efficiently and degrade more quickly than properly cut fibers. Step-by-step instructions…. Rationale:      A.A. Griffith developed the first theoretical model for fractures during WWI, inaugurating the Science of...
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