What is SilcoNert® 2000 Deactivation? August 04 2014

SilcoNert 2000 is precisely the same inert coating as Siltek®, by Restek. The company that does the deactivation for us is SilcoTek®, a spin-off of Restek, and run by Restek’s long time “head coach”, Paul Silvis. SilcoNert 2000 is the most popular deactivation coating in analytical chemistry, and for good reason.   SilcoNert 2000 deactivation works with acidic and basic compounds, chlorinated and organo-phorphorous pesticides, ammonia and nitrogen oxide compounds,...

Bare Glass versus Deactivation July 22 2014

electrically fused quartz is lower activity more inert) than your bare column capillary is
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