Cutting Fused Silica Capillary Columns per LC-GC Application Note September 30 2016

Polymicro Technologies (a division of Molex) was the first company to mass produce fused silica capillary for the entire capillary gas chromatography market. That was thirty years ago and they are still the single largest manufacturer of the materials. (Polyimide coated, fused silica capillary for GC columns was an HP invention, but they reserved their production for themselves, alone.) Polymicro has made more GC capillary than anyone on the planet, by far:...

Instructions: IQ’s Sapphire™ Wafers for Cutting GC Capillary Columns September 30 2016

Cutting capillary and making gas-tight seals is critical to good GC practice and making seals on silica press-fit connectors requires almost perfect cuts (unless you are using Pres2fit™ connectors). Cleanly cut ends are also important for CE for minimizing distortions of the electric field at the column ends.  Capillary: The first thing that the separation scientist needs to understand is that not all silica capillary is the same. There are...

IQ honored as Best Precision Fused Silica Component Manufacturer (2016) August 19 2016

  InnovaQuartz pioneered the use of carbon dioxide lasers for manipulating and machining fused quartz and fused silica glasses under computer control and microscopic imaging way back in 1991 when our founder, Stephen Griffin, gambled that his ideas would actually work and built the first laser system in his 80 square foot laundry room. Our first sale was 6 months after the first dollar was spent and we sold more...

Why do GC Capillary Connections Leak? August 01 2014

The 3 Leading Causes of Column Leaks Among some chromatographers, capillary connections using press fit connectors have a reputation for leaking. Where there was a time when this was true, that time has past. InnovaQuartz collected and studied leaks from the field for a period of three years; 28 of the leaks were in our own products (of over 1,000,000 sold in that same period) and most of those were...

Bare Glass versus Deactivation July 22 2014

electrically fused quartz is lower activity more inert) than your bare column capillary is
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