From Abe to MoXy™ and Beyond; Part 3 -- Moses' Math Works January 16 2017

Part 3 is a bit of a departure from my planned sequence for this series. A colleague has graciously permitted me to share a slow motion video that he produced of a generic side fire fiber delivering a single pulse of holmium energy into a beaker of water. Herein I hope to demonstrate that surgical fiber performance can be modeled/predicted, and quite accurately, and that there isn't anything mysterious or magical involved. Sure,...

From Abe to MoXy™ and Beyond; Part 2 -- Abe's Side Fire Solution(s) January 09 2017

Part 1 of this series was mostly a review of Snell's law and Fresnel reflections as they explain the weird output of bevel polished fibers. Here we see some more Snell and Fresnel issues and the earliest Band-Aid® treatments designed to mitigate these issues. Part 2: Abe's Solution(s) Before we get into what Abe saw as solutions to the issues outlined, we should probably address the problem that I alluded...

UV-Purple-Blue Laser Patent Issues October 30 2015

Resurrecting Urine Flow with IQ's Phoenix™ BPH Laser The US Patent Office has informed InnovaQuartz that our multi-wavelength surgical laser, that we have dubbed the Phoenix, has issued (US Pat. No. 9,220,563), precisely one year after it was filed. This laser addresses the deficiencies of other photoselective lasers – photobleaching, charring -- for minimal collateral tissue damage at wavelengths between 380 nm and 450 nm. Phoenix targets multiple tissue chromophores,...
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