IQ receives US Patent for Right Angle Output Side Firing Fiber April 11 2017

US Patent number 9,618,700 issued today as a stand alone utility patent covering three embodiments of right angle side fire fibers with 19 claims allowed. The invention is an outgrowth of InnovaQuartz new one-piece side firing fiber caps (Patented) where astigmatic distortion is exploited to permit exceeding the ~75 degree off-axis limit of competing technologies. Ironically, through purposeful distortion the invention produces an essentially distortion-free output as compared with the...

From Abe to MoXy™ and Beyond Part 5: More Fibers of the 1990s February 27 2017

John Brekke’s fiber design from 1994 is one of the few lateral fiber designs of the era that remains on the market today, marketed as Scatterfree™ by Laser Peripherals. As can be seen in figures 10 and 11 (below the next paragraph) taken from the first patent, the concept is simple and it does basically work. In contrast to Pon, however, Brekke failed to properly identify the true sources of...

From Abe to MoXy™ and Beyond -- Part 4: The 1990s Boom February 06 2017

The 1990s saw a boom in laser TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate) using mostly Nd:YAG lasers. Nd:YAGs showed promise for lowering the classical side effects of standard TURP, where a hot wire loop is used to melt/carve away strips of hyperplastic tissue; their CW (continuous wave) output produced smoother surfaces than holmium lasers do, they did not strongly interact with the sterile irrigation fluid and were less damaging to...
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