From Abe to MoXy™ and Beyond Part 5: More Fibers of the 1990s February 27 2017

John Brekke’s fiber design from 1994 is one of the few lateral fiber designs of the era that remains on the market today, marketed as Scatterfree™ by Laser Peripherals. As can be seen in figures 10 and 11 (below the next paragraph) taken from the first patent, the concept is simple and it does basically work. In contrast to Pon, however, Brekke failed to properly identify the true sources of...

The Power of Collimation IV: Going the Extra Mile November 08 2016

This final Chapter in the blog series, "The Power of Collimation", explores the apparent paradox that ProFlex is able to reject potentially damaging, high angle laser energy within the focus while continuing to deliver more laser energy to the stone than any other holmium laser fiber. 


The Power of Collimation III: Moses’ Enthalpy November 07 2016

At InnovaQuartz, we developed a method of making very precise, tiny lenses directly upon the face of an optical fiber. In this third Chapter of The Power of Collimation, I’ll describe just how important this subtle feature really is to the performance of holmium laser URS. In the first Chapter of this blog series, I discussed why holmium lasers launch light into fibers at a substantial fraction of their maximum propagation...

The Power of Collimation II: Bullets, Balls & Skipping Stones November 07 2016

110% power transmission from a 273 micrometer core holmium laser fiber is not fantasy. We see it every day. Learn how.


The Power of Collimation I: “I’m going to focus like a laser beam…” November 07 2016

Bill Clinton and George W Bush both promised to 'focus like a laser' on the economy. I'll leave the politics to others and focus like a lens on the lack of scientific rigor for this turn of phrase. At risk of appearing pedantic, I have to point out that lasers aren’t actually focused at all. In fact, collimation (parallelism) is one of the characteristics of laser light that make it unique...

Smooth Passage™ Holmium Fiber Tips on ProFlex™ LLF August 29 2016

In the course of studying other manufacturers' holmium laser fibers we sometimes observe surprising differences. In this case, we knew that our tips were different -- heck, we gave them a special name -- but  just how much difference they made was the surprise.      The two fibers in the photo are "1000 micron", meaning they have either a 910 μm or 940 μm core inside a 1 mm diameter glass cladding. The upper...

“All Holmium Laser Fibers are the Same, Right?” Part 6: Minding the Gap May 24 2016

  FIGURE 1: Fiber Sleeved with Quartz Ferrule The gap (FIG. 1) between the fiber and the quartz ferrule is a fundamental problem of quartz sleeved fibers because that gap harbors volatile and non-volatile contaminants from production or cleaning. These contaminants are inevitably vaporized and deposit on the blast shield or focusing optic or both. In extreme cases, thermal expansion of materials within the gap can fracture the fiber or...

Our ProFlex var. Trimedyne Will make you a Fan! December 04 2015

It has come to our attention that holmium fibers for Trimedyne lasers are in short supply. We are happy to step in and serve this unmet need. You should have switched long ago to save blast shields... Our ProFlex LLF var. Trimedyne  offers five sizes (true 200, 273, 365, 550 and 910) featuring IQ's Pulsar HPC connector and Smooth Passage tips. Our true 200 is the only Trimedyne compatible fiber...
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